Customization Re-Invented!

Myriad gives you an unmatched ability to control from where you want and how you want.

Switches Where You Want

Myriad switches are completely wireless. You can place them at the most convenient location, without worrying about wiring or installation.

The wireless switches can even be mounted on glass using two-way adhesive tape!

Now when you want to redo your interior or change the furniture, you don't have to do any re-wiring. Simply move the wireless sticker switch to the desired location.

Slim & Powerful

Myriad switches are just 18mm in thickness. You can easily "float" mount it on a wall without drilling large holes.

Made with Ultra Clear Glass

The exquisite glass panels are precisely manufactured. The neutral color blends with all interiors.

Customization Re-Invented!

We give you wireless switches with buttons. You tell us which button should control what.

Unlimited Smart Scenes

With Myriad there is no limitation on number of scenes that you can create:

Create a perfect theater-like ambience with a single touch of a button:
     TV turns off
     Projector starts
     Screen rolls down
     Fan turns off
     AC turns on
     Curtains close
     Lights dim gradually

A button near your main door can be programmed to turn off everything in you home.

Saftey First

Shock Proof

Myriad switches work on two AAA batteries, just like you TV remote. Operate with wet fingers without any worry of getting an electic shock.

Water Resistant

Myriad switches are made with fine crystalized tempered glass panels, which makes it water-resistant. This also makes it very easy to clean and maintain the look.

Wireless Sticker Switch Variants

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