Cutting-Edge Wireless Technology

Myriad uses the latest advances in wireless communication to provide a robust and reliable mechanism for home control

Myriad Mesh Network

Myriad Mesh Network (MMN) is a next generation wireless communication protocol developed by Myriad, which solves many of the problems associated with other protocols such as Zigbee and Z-wave.

MMN Advantages

 Ultra Fast     MMN is so lightweight that the desired action is gauranteed to happen within a fraction of a second. Compared to that Zigbee or Z-wave devices sometimes take upto 5 seconds to perform.

Low Power Consumption     Myriad devices consume much less power. The standard AAA batteries in our Wireless Sticker Switches last as much as 18 months!

Low Interference     MMN operates in sub-GHz range, in such a way that other devices such as Wifi, Bluetooth and Chordless phones do not cause inferference. The inteference problem is more likely with 2.5 GHz range protocols such as Zigbee or Z-wave. With Myriad, you can reliably control your home, irrespective of number of Wifi routers and range extenders you have in your house.

Easy to Retrofit

Myriad requires no extra wiring. It is very easy to upgrade to Myriad, without spoiling your interior or re-wiring.

No additional wiring needed

Wireless Sticker Switches communicate with the Room Controllers using our fast and effecient Myriad Mesh Network protocol.

World-Class Technology

Myriad Home Automation System has been developed in association with global semiconductor industry leaders:

Texas Instruments Incorporated is an American company that designs, makes and sells more than 10,000 analog and embedded processing semiconductor solutions to electronics designers and manufacturers across the world.

Atmel Corporation is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of microcontrollers, capacitive touch solutions, advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile memory and radio frequency (RF) components.

Made in India
Made for India

Myriad is the only automation system specifically designed for Indian conditions.

Myriad is designed to work in ambient temperature up to 55oC. Most imported home automation systems are rated only up to 40oC.

Myriad works flawlessly with power fluctuations and resumes rapidly after power outages. You can even run Myriad on generators without any worries!

Fan control is an after-thought in all imported home automation systems. At best they use light dimmers to control fan speed, which results in annoying humming noise. Myriad has specially designed humless 5-speed fan controller for noise-free operation.

Simplicity, by design! Myriad has been designed keeping simplicity in mind at every step. As a result, from a small child to an elderly person, everyone in your home can easily operate the Myriad home automation system.

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