Switch - 10 Amp

Myriad Switch Controller is versatile switch controller that can be used for on/off control of variety of lights and other applicances


  • Compatible with a variety of resistive or inductive load including lights, televisions, audio/video receivers, motor, etc.
  • Power-failure memory.
  • Built-in protection circuit prevents damage against power fluctuations or short circuit.
  • Mounts on standard DIN Rail.
  • 100% factory tested.

Power Rating

  • Input: 220 V~ 50Hz
  • Load: up to 10A resistive, or up to 6A inductive


  • Size: 53 x 75 x 55 mm
  • Mounts on standard DIN Rail.


  • 3-years limited warranty


  • For indoor use only
  • Operating temperature 0oC to 50oC
  • Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing

Made in India

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